Next Friday on Swedisch National Radio in the program ‘Style’ an interview with me about portrait painting! The item is about Helena Rubinstein, who had numerous paintings painted by different artists of herself. Great idea! I am an absolute lover of portraits in art…definitly in this time of so many snapshots and selfies. I had a wonderful conversation with David Mehr; thank you so much David! I will post an audiolink later!

This week I enjoyed myself a lot during an interview/conversation with journalist Ellen Lyster from magazine Residence. we had a really nice conversation and I just loved her questions. I found out she has a background in art history…maybe that was why I felt so understood…it was a real pleasure talking with her about art! The 4 page’s interview will appear in Residence (one of my favorite interior magazines) at 20 december 2014! Looking forward to that!

foto 1 foto 2 foto 3

A few weeks ago I organized a business meeting in our ateliercomplex ‘the cherry orchard’ we have a great exhibition place and I thought it was a nice idea to bring business and art together. It was a wonderful evening indeed! Now I found out that their magazine took my picture as a cover photo; I feel honored!

Have a wonderful week and I keep you all updated!

Greetings, Iris