Online lesprogramma: 'Hoe schilder ik een hand'

  • 6 videolessen

  • een werkboek

  • 20 min. Zoomsessie met mij 1-op-1

  • Extra bonus verrassingen met de belangrijkste geheimen...

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ZOOM coaching met Iris Frederix

Een videocall met Iris Frederix via Zoom van 20 minuten.

Je kunt hierin je schilderijen bespreken (zorg dat je ze bij de hand hebt of stuur je foto’s via naar me toe vlak voor de sessie) en al je kunst gerelateerde vragen stellen.

Nieuwe data 2022 masterclasses: Reserveer nu alvast je plek!

En leer de basis principes van het schilderen naar de waarneming met de technieken uit de Renaissance


The oeuvre book by Iris Frederix


In this book, Iris takes you by the hand guided by her personal texts on a journey of her works she created during the past 10 years.

A foreword is written by Brandon Kralik, an artist and blogger of the Huffington Post. Besides this, Dan Dickhof a famous arthistorian, has written a lovely and intriguing essay related to Iris her work. The contribution of these two writers next to the personal words of Iris makes the whole book a very fascinating and special work.

About Iris Frederix


Her work has been described as classic, fresh and chique and is included in private collections and several business collections in the Netherlands and abroad.*

*VS, Frankrijk/Provence, India, Duitsland - Sanquin, Gemeente Amsterdam, Allen & Overy advocaten, Kessler stichting, Generali verzekeringsgroep en Mechangroep.

Iris Frederix

In the media

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"Do you know what I did against covid depression? I booked a lesson by @irisfrederix. In the world where you can hardly plan anything this is possible and it brings you the feeling of control over your life back. 👍

Extremely talented, creative, fluently surfing in classical and modern painting techniques, attentive, caring, responsible, famous, honest, sincere, very feminine and truly beautiful - this is all her, my teacher, the painter Iris Divina Frederix @irisfrederix

During these strange and difficult times she’s the only one who literally returned me to old-and-forever normal and filled me up with inspiration and energy. Thank you so much, Iris!"

herman tulp-50x50

Herman Tulp

"Bij het bekijken van het schilderwerk van Iris Frederix wordt de toeschouwer direct bevangen door vreugde, opwinding en ontroering. De schijnbaar moeiteloos gepenseelde werken van deze kunstenaar blijven hangen, behagen, vragen oproepen en ontroeren. Haast on-Nederlands met een onmiskenbaar internationale allure. Werken als ' Kleine Prins' of 'Ora et Labora' , wat een schoonheid. Verzamelaars van het betere figuratieve schilderwerk kunnen watertanden. De musea met figuratieve kunst moeten zo snel mogelijk plekken aan de wand leeg maken voor schilderijen van deze getalenteerde kunstenaar."

Founder & CEO 323 Trading

"The last few years I have been acquiring Iris Frederix’s works for my art collection. Her themes and beautiful painting style fascinate me, lend warmth to my interior, and invite me into conversation.

This is what I wrote about my recently purchased painting "Lets eat cake together":
"Amazingly beautiful Iris painting, romantic, sensitive & stylish. A masterpiece!”

I am already looking forward to your next paintings Iris!

guus hiddink

Guus Hiddink

"In de salon van Hiddinks Amsterdamse woning springt op de wand met schilderijen een dubbelportret eruit van twee oude mensen, die elkaar liefdevol vasthouden. Het zijn Gerrit en Jo Hiddink, zijn onlangs overleden ouders. “Het schilderij is gemaakt door een jonge talentvolle kunstenares, Iris Frederix. .... Mijn moeder is twee jaar terug overleden en mijn vader vorig jaar. Het schilderij is een mooie herinnering aan mijn ouders. De kunstenares heeft hun ziel geraakt.


Andy Arnt

writer and head Chief Enroute maganzine and Encoet Provence magazine

"What fascinates me about your works is - apart from the amazing technical execution - that they are all characterized by beauty through which a tragic element shines through. With that you express the balance of life. We need both elements: beauty for passion and joy of life, tragedy for depth and growth. You know how to harmonize these two cornerstones in such a way that they are credible and recognizable and a constant source of fascination."


Eduard Planting

"The work of Iris is of a high quality. Her subjects differ, from portrait commissions to wonderful memories of her travels around the world. Her style is realistic, but with an impressionist touch, colorful, warm and intense. Always a pleasure to look at."

gijs kappen

Gijs Happen

"My wife and I are very pleased with a portrait painted by Iris. This portrait is a reminder of our wedding and we wanted to capture this event in an image which would reflect who we are.

With this idea we went to Iris who helped us with determining the basic composition. Prior to the start of the painting, Iris had us posing in various positions in front of a camera. The photo’s gave us a good insight into the final composition and translation of the theme which Iris had in mind.

Both my wife and I had separate posing sessions during the detailing of the painting. Because of this we could follow the realisation step by step. Although we saw the preliminary work, the end result was thrilling and we received it with much excitement."

chris den daas

Chris den Daas

"I have purchased a very intemate painting from Iris, a buddhist monk standing next to a Bodhi tree. I was very lucky to be able to purchase the painting because in the pre-exibition phase the whole series was almost sold out. Lucky in the sense that I would have bought them all.

Since then I have sold my entire art collection, but I kept this one. Because of its sheer beauty, the attention which Iris has put in the various details."