Magreet de Groot

“Recently we bought the beautiful painting ‘ TRANQUILITY (RUST) ‘ from Iris. Every day it amazes me again how she has painted so many beautiful details. The colors, so beautifully in harmony with each other, the fabric of the clothing, almost palpably tender, but especially the dreamy emotion she has given to the young woman moves me every time. My husband and I are incredibly happy with this work! In 2010, Iris also made portraits of our two daughters. Thanks to the same sensitive intensity, they are still always near us, even though they no longer live at home. Iris is not only an exceptionally good painter, she is also very inspiring. The thoughts and ideas she expressed on the two assignments mentioned above inspired us and were very helpful in shaping an eventual outcome that was to our fullest satisfaction. At the same time, she also remains true to herself and she clearly has her own input. Combining these two elements with heart and soul is a rare and valuable professional skill that, I believe, has greatly benefited the work she has done for us.”