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Iris Divina Frederix was born in 1981 in Schimmert (Netherlands).

She studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, section "Autonomous Art", Department of Painting, and graduated there in 2004.

Despite her young age, Iris Frederix has already built up a rich oeuvre. It is a collection of mainly paintings, in which she shows an awareness of the rich tradition of the art of painting.
Or as Dan Dickhof ((Museum Panorama Mesdag)writes in an essay about her work: ‘The blend of Renaissance and nineteenth- century images and modern sources of inspiration likefilm, photography and glamour photography make it a totally unique and recognisable style.
Iris Frederix shows us a completely personal vision of the woman. It is very different to see how a seductive woman
is depicted by a female painter. And this beauty is often based on the artist herself. That says something about self- awareness and the perception of being a woman, and about the position that Iris Frederix adopts as a painter in the long tradition of the female nude.
There is a fascinating contrast between the cinematic and seductive dream worlds she creates alongside the everyday themes. Her works are characterised by romance – both amorous and atmospheric. Her dream worlds, however, do not only depict luxury.
They are also based on a sort of contemporary orientalism, although no longer of classical faraway places. Cheap flights have made Asia and Africa easy to reach. But the desire for dream worlds of opulence, fascinating landscapes and both classical and modern architecture is something that remains a dream for many, in spite of everything. Often, it is not
even what people want for themselves, but rather the stuff
of daydreams. Dreaming is something that Iris allows – it
is wonderful. Creating imaginary worlds for oneself and for others has an intangible beauty. And the paintings exude
her joy in the subjects and in the colourful palette. It is this aesthetic pleasure that allows her to immediately grab the viewer’s gaze and not let it go again. Once in her hushed world, the viewer’s wandering gaze is steered to whatever she wants him or her to see. In this, Iris Frederix’ work follows the late nineteenth-century vision ‘l’art pour l’art’, which was innovative at the time. This was art created for art’s sake. It referred to itself, rather than dealing with the big themes of the day from classical myths, biblical stories or important historical events. The influence of patrons was marginal, and artists created work at their own discretion, like Iris Frederix does today. The painter’s art therefore revolves around her own experience of beauty. The attractive image is captured for you for a moment in the colourful world that Iris makes yours for a while.

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2004 Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
Section "Autonomous Art", Department Painting

Junior Art Tutor at the Amsterdam Academy of Art
(graduated 2006)

1999 Propaedeutic year, KABK, The Hague

1998 First year education at the Academy of Art in Maastricht


2021 - Zomer expositie, Art Gallery Voûte

2021 - September, Art Naarden
2021 - September, Art Laren

2017 Galerie de twee pauwen 'Over eten' groepsexpositie, nov

2017, Museum de Fundatie, groepstentoonstelling, October

2017, Galerie de twee pauwen, groepstentoonstelling, September

2017, winterexposition, Galerie Lauswolt, February, Groningen

2017, FOR REAL, kunstbeurs voor hedendaags realisme, Galerie Lauswolt, January, Amsterdam

2016, Art Breda, kunstbeurs, Galerie Lauswolt, April, Breda

2016, Winterexpositie, Galerie Lauswolt, February, Groningen

2016, Realisme, kunstbeurs voor hedendaags realisme, Galerie Lauswolt, January, Amsterdam

2015, Annual Art Fair, Galerie Montulet, August, Gouda

2015, Solo- exhibition, Kasteel Ophemert, opening by premier J. P. Balkenende, March, Ophemert

2014, Annual art Fair, artfair, Gallery Montulet, August, Gouda

2014, exhibition companycollectie Sanquin, with the work of Corneille, Wim T Schippers and R. Lichtenstein, June, Amsterdam

2014 Gallery 'Kersenboomgaard', June, Utrecht

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2014, Annual art Fair, artfair, Gallery Montulet, August, Gouda

2014, exhibition companycollectie Sanquin, with the work of Corneille, Wim T Schippers and R. Lichtenstein, June, Amsterdam

2014 Gallery 'Kersenboomgaard', June, Utrecht

2013 Gallery "De Twee Pauwen", May, The Hague

2012 Gallery "De Twee Pauwen" 'summer exhibition' Thinking of Holland, The Hague, group exhibition

2012 Exhibition "Cherry Orchard blossoms", May, Utrecht, group exhibition

2012 Atelierroute Utrecht, November, group exhibition

2011 Grachten Gallery, Utrecht, October / November, duo exhibition

2010 Broring , July / August, Amsterdam, solo exhibition

2010 Lak Gallery, October / November, Leiden, dual exhibition

2009 Gallery Joghem, Sanquin, October, Amsterdam, solo exhibition

2008 Gemeente Amsterdam, June, Slotervaart, Amsterdam, solo exhibition

2007 Gallery Joghem, Sanquin, October, Amsterdam, solo exhibition

2007 Gallery De Aanschouw, Laag 47, project DAAN, September, Rotterdam, solo exhibition

2007 Kröller-Müller Museum, September, National Park De Hoge Veluwe, group exhibition

2007 Museum Jan van der Togt, August, Amstelveen, group exhibition

2007 Noordbrabands Museum, July, 's-Hertogenbosch, group exhibition

2005 ZonMw, September, The Hague, solo exhibition

2005 Gallery Joghem, Sanquin, May, Amsterdam, solo exhibition

2005 Gallery Joghem, Sanquin, December, Amsterdam, group exhibition

2005 Passe (r) Domesticus?, June, Muller shows The Hague, group exhibition

2004 Atrium, September, The Hague City Hall, solo exhibition

2004 Gallery RUIMTE Amsterdam, November, Elisa Pesapane and Iris Frederix, dual exhibition

2004 National schrijversportrettengallerij, Literary Museum The Hague, group exhibition

2004 Graduation Exhibition Royal Academy, specialization Autonomous Painting, group exhibition Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, group exhibition



Family Schokker, Family portret 100cmx100cm oilpainting on canvas
Peter Bode, Landscape oilpainting on canvas 40cmx50cm
Cable Partners, Jubileum business gift, Landscape 18cmx24cm
Peter Bode, Family portret 8 persons, 40cmx50cm
Private Collection Timmerman, Dachstein gebirge
Collectie Fer, Portret Isabella 50cmx50cm
Collectie, Portret Amelie 50cmx50cm

Franck de Lange; Family portret 3 children
323 trading; painting, relationship gift 'Amant II'

Dhr. de Groot: Portret Jenniffer sky de groot
Youp van het Hek, portrait grandchildren
Diana Gabriels, portrait son

Margreet de Bruijn , Dubbelportrait

Gijs Kappen en Karin Swanen: Dubbelportrait: Marriage Kiss
Liane van Hartog: portrait Max

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Familiy Knevel: Familiy portrait
Pivate collector:Several paintings for Chateau Provence

Particuliere verzamelaar:Several paintings for Chateau Provence

Youp van het Hek: schilderij

Karel Kits: portret Barbara, portrait Laura
Pepijn ten Kate: portrait Dide
Karel Kits: Free Work
Family Grote: portrait Juul
Franklin Lafour: portrait Aisa
Elisabeth Pinas: portrait Celine Kross
Andrea Eggen: landscape

Family Bakker, family portrait, fourteen persons
Diederik Lohman: portrait Agnes, portrait Beertje

Parting gift Sanquin to director of patients research Cees Aai: Portraits grandchildern Fenna, Nolan, Isa
Richard Smith: double portrait Richard and Richard (father and son)
Andrea Eggen: portrait Andrea
Simone Boskemper: portrait Sophie
Guus Hiddink: portrait
Rob en Isolde Frederix :painting

Eye2Eye media: portrait Frits Bolkestein
Elisabeth Pinas: double portrait, Gerrit and Jo
Family Grote: three portraits Jelle Roos and Floris
Bob van der Berg and Milou Henninghout: portrait Pepijn
Agaat administraties: painting
Dr. V. Shankar: portrait

Elizabeth Pinas: painting
Marga van der Horst: double portrait of Sanne and Emke
The Visser family: Portrait of a Familyhouse

Elisabeth Pinas: portrait
Marleen de Bruijn: portrait of Ellen, Portrait of Hanneke
The Hendrison family: two portraits of Sem
Corinne Struijk: portrait of the little Kai

Martin Bossenbroek: portrait of Kaj
Jeroen Blok and Hannes van Leeuwen: two portraits



2021 - November 11, SBS6, Mission Impossible

2021 - May 9, NPO3 Zapp, Family Drop

2021 - NPO1 De Vooravond, vrouwen in de Kunst

2021 - Ambassedrice Vegan Challenge NL vereniging voor veganimse
2021 - Opnames NPO1 Project Rembrandt seizoen 3

2020 - November 16, NPO1 Omroep MAX, Tijd voor MAX over Project Rembrandt 2020

2020 - November, Vara Gids Interview rubriek Huis en buis

2020 - October, Tros Compas, Iris Frederix over Project Rembrandt

2020 - October, Nr1 Magazine uitgebreid interview Iris Frederix ''Online Lessen zijn de toekomst''
2020 - July, NPO1 Vijf video's schildertips omroep MAX, Max ouderenjournaal

2020 - Januari 15, NPO1 Omroep MAX, Doorbakken programma over Heel Holland Bakt
2020 - NPO1 Project Rembrandt seizoen 2, 8 afleveringen

2019 - 27 august, NPO1 Jinek over Amazonebranden en vegan eten

2017, 9 October painting Frits Bolkestein by iris Frederix seen on 'de wereld draait' tv program.

2017, 12 October article in NRC Handelsblad exposition museum de fundatie with picture painting Iris Frederix.

2017, 13 October article in Volkskrant, exposition museum de fundatie with picture painting Iris Frederix.

2017 jan - uindewijk, filmpresentatie opendag ateliers kersenboomgaard 'Iris verteld in haar atelier'

2017 jan - RTV utrecht 'Iris vertelt: Haar nieuwe schilderij'

2016, EnRoute, 4 pages Interview

2016, AD, article announcement Art Breda

2016, Telegraaf Utrecht, Cover Weekend edition, 2 page interview

2015, Elegance, winteredition, 3 page interview

2015, March, Blog nice-eve.com 'Falling impersonal love'

2014, 24 dec 2014, NRC handelsblad review regarding the circus-exposition at Simonis en Buunk

2014, 21 November, Swedish national radio, 'Style' interview about portrait painting in an item about Helena Rubinstein

2014, November, Cover and article in BCLR magazine

2014, 2 September, AD het groene hart, "Bubbels; Borrelen met de makers op artfair" interview

2014, January, weekendextra Telegraaf, coverphoto and interview 'Enjoying in the studio'

2014, January, buurtlink movie open day cherry orchard featuring Iris Frederix

2014, January blog mypersonalstylist, utrecht cityguide on the hotspot

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2013, December, AD Utrecht, intervieuw in the section "in the mirror"

2012, july, rt4, citynews

2012, May, Rtv-Utrecht, Item on 'de kersenboomgaard' with interview in the studio

2012, May, AD Utrecht, interview and photo in the Studio

2012, March, SBS6, househunt/living special, view in the studio and a short interview

2012, January, Quote, Interview with Iris Frederix on the business side of art

2011, February, de Navenant, coverstory and 5 page article ' Iris Frederix, Art that inspires'

2010, 13 november, de Telegraaf, Guus Hiddink on the portrait of his parents:
"The young talented artist Iris Frederix has touched their souls in this painting"

2010, 'Making off ' First film by Thijs Bayens starring Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Kitty Courbois, Tygo Gernandt en Raymond Thiry. The 'Cuba Libre' painting can be seen in the villa where the movie was shot.

2010, 19 may, Het gesprek, En- Profile,

2009, 28 januari, Algemeen Dagblad Den Haag, Page wide picture painting Gerard Fieret

2007, october 24, Algemeen Dagblad / Haagse Courant, article "Bieden op portretten van BN'ers"

2007, october 24, de Telegraaf, article "Sterren onder de hamer", with photo auction Venduehuis, Frits Bolkestein in front of his portrait

2007, 12 october 12, Algemeen Dagblad, article "VVD-fractie aast op portret oud-leider Frits Bolkestein", with illustration portrait Bolkestein

2007 Atelier Magazine, no. 129 (july/august). Article Sterren op het Doek, with photographic report

2007 TV channel Nederland 2, Sterren op het doek, portrait Frits Bolkestein
Watch the video here

2005 White Paper on Social Services, illustrated with the Citizens of The Hague

2004 Street paper, September, extensive reportage

2004 Radio Discus, 3 September, interview

2004 Haags Nieuwsblad, 2 September, cover story

2004 Haagse Courant, 27 August, interview

2004 Stadsradio Den Haag, 27 August, interview

2004 TV-West, June, Reportage

2004 The Hague Street Paper (Haags straatnieuws), June, cover and illustrations
Utrecht Street Paper (Utrechts straatnieuws), June, cover and illustrations
Arnhem Street Paper (Arnhems straatnieuws), June, cover and illustrations

2003 Trouw, Monday, 8 September, illustration for an article on the Gergiev-Festival
Festival newspaper of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Gergiev-Festival


2018- Museum Meermanno, modeltekenles geven tijdens de tentoonstelling ' porno op papier' (taboe en tolerantie door de eeuwen heen)
2010-heden Masterclasses schilderen 93cmasterclasses/levels per jaar van elk 7 lesdagen)
2016- heden talentklas LRC college (havo/vwo/gym) olieverfschilderen/masterclass op woensdagochtend halfjaarlijks
2016 - schildersweek 'plein air' in Zuid Frankrijk